DAPHNE in burnt orange



These modern earrings are made with polymer clay resulting in extraordinarily lightweight earrings.

Each pair is ready to order, individually handcrafted with great care and patience. Slight variations may occur compared to the picture. No two earrings are the same!

All earrings are individually made by me: designed, rolled out, hand cut, baked, sanded, drilled and assembled.

Pieces should be treated with care avoiding dropping or bending.

Available in more colors.

Free shipping on all orders and gift box for earrings!Many styles of jewelry may be fragile and delicate, and must be handled with care- which means that if you intentionally bend the parts, scratch the surface, or pull roughly on the components attached with jump rings, they will likely break. I will not replace items that have been damaged due to rough handling after they’re safely delivered to you.

All items are handmade, and therefore some small imperfections/inconsistencies may occur. Examples of these may include very small bubbles, slight variances of color from what appears on screen, or other small marks that in no way affect the functionality or overall aesthetic appeal of an item. Returns will not be accepted on the basis of small imperfections such as these.

Each order is packed in a jewelry box filled with cotton seal, which is then wrapped in a paper tape and shipped in a bubble mail package to ensure maximum protection as your jewelry travels to you!

We are not responsible if the post office loses or breaks the product during the transport, it is their responsibility after the package left our hands.